DIYBIO Hong Kong 是一所推動公民科學的知識平台和民間實驗室,希望透過凝聚一群有志參與環境保育及生物科技研究的公民科學家,推動民間知識生產能力,是為當今社會推動創新及實踐的力量。 DIYBIO Hong Kong 集中推動以下幾方面的工作:






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DIYBIO Hong Kong is the first community lab in Hong Kong—a place where anyone can learn and work on biotechnology. Since 2016, we have served the Hong Kong community by providing STEM educational outreach, workshops for adults, cultural events, and a platform for science innovation at the grassroots level.

Our mission:

1。Develop “Learning by doing” education programs to foster life science and biotechnology knowledge and skills among children and adults.

2。Promote the atmosphere self-initiate scientific research through the running citizen science projects.

3。Open our laboratory to support life science startups.

4。Promote public awareness of environmental conservation in Hong Kong

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