Bug Keeping Updates #1

Team: Ben & Reynald De Guzman

As we know, there is one track in DIY Bio Bug Hunt program that is based around insect rearing; Hence we are going to post our own documentations on different insects that we have been keeping on this blog, and hopefully we can share and exchange our own experiences with everyone.

Let us first dive into what I have been working on lately~

I recently went on a trip to Lamma island, and I had a blast; It is like a bug catchers paradise~ One of the start insects I have came across is the grasshopper seen as the cover of this blog post. I found it close to the hill tops on the bushes next to the trail, it blends in surprisingly well with the foliage despite of its vibrant colors. I collected 3 individuals hoping to get a breeding pair, together with them I also collected a sample of the plant I found them on (Still yet to be id).

Later on after going through reference books, I found out that they are known as monkey grasshoppers, more specifically I have identified it to be Erianthus dohrni.

I kept them in a plastic tub temporarily until I get my hands on an enclosure, and one thing I have observed so far, they defecate a lot.

More updates will be made about them shortly~ stay tuned.