Our Vision and Mission

  • Promote and support biological science
  • Provide a physical location for members to practice their interests in biological science
  • Provide a forum for members to engage with other people to further their interests in biological science
  • Provide a platform to raise awareness among the general public of the practice of biological science in everyday life and to foster this culture in Hong Kong
  • Encourage members to create profitable innovative ideas, companies and enterprises focused (but not exclusively) on biological science
  • Foster collaboration between its members and members of similar biological science organizations in other jurisdictions
diybio road map
Our values and aims to achieve

Who We Are

Gert_GroblerGert Grobler, Founder and Director

Dr. Gert Grobler is a scientist, educator and explorer. He joined several expeditions to the Sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Island archipelago where he investigated the genetic relationships and phylogeographic patterns observed within the Ectemnorhinus-group of weevils (Coleoptera:Curculionidae). The rationale of this study was to improve our knowledge on the species dynamics and biogeography of the Ectemnorhinus-group of weevils in order to make scientifically based informed decisions on how to conserve this unique group of weevil species. This information served to guide informed conservation recommendations. Gert obtained his PhD from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. As the promotion of scientific exploration is very important to him, Gert founded DIYBIO Hong Kong to serve as a platform through which citizen scientists can explore and share the wonders of the natural world.

maria_liMaria Li, Director and Secretary

Maria is a lifelong learner with a passion for pioneering new territory. Her interests are as diverse as life itself, however four main passions have percolated to the top of her list: biotechnology, education, entrepreneurship, and tinkering. In 2014, Maria got her first exposure to synthetic biology as a university student joined the iGEM competition to genetically engineer bacteria that help people to lose weight. Since then she started coming up with much more strange ideas and want to make it real. Her long-term goal is to become an inventor-educator so that she can combine her passion for research with her desire to teach and share knowledge with others.
Mike YuenMike Yuen Chun Kwong, Lab Engineer
BSc. (hons.) (CUHK), Post. Cert. Ed. (HKU), MIEEE, MHKCS, MACS
I am a graduate from CUHK in 1980 studied Biology and Biochemistry. After graduation, I got my Postgraduated Certificate in HKU and become a teacher. I have worked in Radioisotope unit, HKU as a teaching assistant and do some research in radiation effect in biological systems, also have some transgenic plants research in Botany Department as well. After I retired from my teaching post in secondary school. I would like to do some innovative projects in synthetic Biology and STEM education so I joined DIYBio-HK in MakerBay. Our Organization can provide a good platform for all citizens in Hong Kong to get the hand-on experience in their projects. I like to share my skills and idea in electronic projects, biology knowledge, 3D printing, arduino and CAD/CAM works with our members. I really love DIYBio-Hong Kong.